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Park Benches

5 January, 2012 (08:01) | Park Benches | By: admin

The pictures above are a summary of some of the numerous events that we have provided for. Park benches provide the great ability to bring comfort in areas of events that normally are called dead spaces.

With the use of the park benches the signage can work as a utility to create revenue for event holders, providing the ability to offer multiple exposures in an event in a cost savings way.

Remember that your patrons are your ability to grow. Allowing for those who need the ability to sit down will appreciate this value. Our personal and work lives for the majority of us involve sitting.

Changing the dynamics of standing room only is not only a benefit, but a cultural change that follows today’s society and how we as people live longer, deal with more physical disabilities along with those who are overweight.

 These types of people are ones that avoid events such as these because of their physical hardships.

If you remove these hardships, give those who attend the ability to tell others that there is seating everywhere to meet these needs, a slow and continual growth of attendance will result by the utilization of such use of park benches.

Cincy Flower Show – Symmes Township Ohio

16 May, 2010 (19:06) | Cincinnati Ohio Events | By: admin

OutdoorEventSeating.com provided seating for the 22nd annual Cincy Flower Show. 45 park benches were used for this event throughout the sprawling 5 acre park. This was an event where lots of walking was part of the equation and the occaisional ability to sit down along the way solidified the use of these benches.

The Cincy Flower Show greatly appreciated our product as it served the purpose it was intended for, which was to provide comfort and rest for those who attended and wanted to soak in the scenery and relax. We thank the Cincy Flower Show for giving us this opportunity to provide seating for their event.

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Erlanger Lions Festival – Erlanger Kentucky 2009

22 March, 2010 (05:51) | Northern Kentucky Festivals | By: admin




OutdoorEventSeating.com provided park benches to the Annual Erlanger Lions Festival located in Erlanger Kentucky. Here is a short video of how well everyone enjoyed the seating arrangements for the first time at their event.


Introduction to OutdoorEventSeating.com

11 October, 2009 (15:01) | Introduction | By: admin

 Bear with us as we build this website to host the 1000′s of pictures we took in the past couple years.



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