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About our Products

Outdooreventseating.com was created back in the summer of 2008. An idea that was spawn in the direction of providing the ability to sit down in front of misting fans and misting/cooling equipment. Indirectly, our first purchase allowed us to spread this idea around the first event we set up. To our surprise and that of the staff, the equipment we set up was an instant success!

The fantastic results continued down the path of introducing this idea to other festivals, fairs, outdoor parties, reunions and many more functions where seating was never considered in this way, and it was a perfect match for the need. The idea worked so well in the first year that instantly the second year allowed us to double our inventory and provide seating  for multiple events through the course of the year, offering different colors and styles to match an event and its needs.

 Outdooreventseating.com is approaching its third year and we look to expand our network to reach out to those who would like to accommodate their patrons and provide a unique comfort that gives those who are attending the ability to sit down and enjoy the event. Outdoor Event Seating will continue to grow with every intention of making the product affordable to churches, schools and organizations.

Outdooreventseating.com offers park benches that provides seating for more than one person and has the function to allow seating in areas once thought impossible to have as sitting areas in venues where large crowds and gatherings are known to be. Please visit our picture gallery to see how well our products mesh into the woodwork of  many outdoor events and how well the design and function provides a necessary need for any event that give patrons another ability to sit and enjoy their time with friends and family. Contact us today at 859-462-6478 to schedule your event today!


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